God Rest Ye Merry Contractors.

I just got back in from a walk through downtown, soaking in the quietness of Christmas day streets. This was after we sent my parents off as they came for lunch and gifts. My mother, for some perplexing reason, decided to give away some of her more cherished decorative items. She gave Amy one of her beautiful teapots since that’s what Amy collects. Lilly, my daughter, got a music globe. She explained that she would rather watch people enjoy these things rather than not live to see people enjoy them. The idea of this simmered with me as I was walking.

The smell of firewood burning carried me a few more blocks. I could literally feel my heart rate slowing, my soul widening. It was a needed momentary getaway from the Optimus Prime voice changer helmet, the keyboards, the sounds of Buzz Lightyear, and remote control ankle killers.

No illuminating thoughts came to me on the sidewalks. Just thoughts I don’t give myself time for through the busier times of the year.

It’s a given when you are an entrepreneur that resting hours are few and far between. You hate to give yourself that luxury because there is so much to be done. This isn’t a time of year where it would seem wise to rest anyway. During the winter things slow down, work thins. You feel more motivated to grab what is offered, and to market yourself more aggressively to compensate for the slowness.

One of my contractors called me yesterday (Christmas Eve) as I was picking up some supplies for today’s lunch with parents. He was out doing work for me while his family was hours away at grandparents’ house celebrating the season. This was not at my request. I was hoping by taking off midday on Friday that they would see it as an example. But, through the late afternoon he was working. Today he texted me to give him a call about something he’d worked on.

This kind of devotion amazes me, but it also worries me. Rest is a must. Without resting, we dry up. We lose our reason for working. We misplace our passion. I pray for my contractors to have rest this season, and to not let their lives be defined by performance.


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