Prayer for a Closing Year.

God, thank you for giving us the courage it has taken to risk this year for the growth of Integrity REO Solutions. You have brought some really great people into my path who genuinely care for me and my success. They have contributed financially, spiritually, wholeheartedly to partner with me in the fight. Business, like life, is war. I know that because we live in a world that, not by Your design, is fallen. There are sharks out there who will take advantage of you and even devise a strategy for your failure.

But, You have fought for us. Through a whole second year of business, you have fed us, given us victories, planted new dreams in my mind and heart.

This coming year, I plan to go in a broader direction. I know You will guide me as you always have. You will be my strength. This company and all that belongs to it is Yours. Help me to be true to our name of Integrity. If there are any opportunities to lie or cut corners, speak to me strongly so that I will stay on the right course.

This coming year, help me to see the sharks approaching and steer clear of them. Give me the fighting spirit if it is needed. Help me to rigidly defend my family, my business, my contractors and their families.

Give me the authority to speak to banks and obtain their business. I ask for Your hand to move so that we can have favor with these institutions, Lord. No one can make a way like you can.

I trust you with my life, my possessions, my heart, everything. Here is my company, too.


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