My Ride Died.

Last week I was on top of the world, on my way to Walmart. I had just picked up a new REO client who carries a substantial volume of Bank of America impaired assets, and they told me they would inject our little inbox with mucho work. Great feeling rolling in my Town and Country minivan.

We live in the brick street district downtown where it’s charming (and I hear the cops patrol frequently due to drug dealers nearby). These brick streets were one of the reasons why we chose our house. Then, it happened.

Just a little rain. That’s when the oils and chemicals that have settled on the surface pool and come alive, ready to mess you up. I’ve heard people driving not too fast turn corners on the brick street in front of our house, and still their tires squeal. You can see where I am going with this.

All I did was stop at a stop sign. Still astir with the thought of taking on this new client with repair bids galore, I was jolted out of my dream. There must have been just the right concoction of oil, spit, Satanic influence, etc to direct my car off the bricks onto the curb. To add to this, there was a light post in the perfect place to meet me.

BAM!!! Total Loss.

The good news is I was able to take care of everything (filing the claim, getting a rental, leaving it at the body shop, crawling into the fetal position), within no joke three to four miles of our house. This was definitely a blessing.

Now, it’s a week later and I’m still driving the Nissan Altima (push button ignition, nicer than my minivan) and the whole process is just about done. We’ve found another vehicle. Everything is working out for the best (I still can’t believe that my wife asked me if I wrecked on purpose).

Today, I was clearing everything out of our wrecked van and unexpectedly it hit me that we had some good times in that van. I started my business in that van. Three toddlers strapped in, crying, needing to poop, went with me on jobs in this van. I started from nothing in this van and drove maybe 50,000 miles in one year building clients and nurturing the American dream. Good thoughts.

Now that it’s gone, I’ll call it my REO Speedwagon. I actually feel sorry for the van because I ran it so hard and then killed it. But it also has a warm, cushiony place in my heart because it was there for me as a took a major risk in starting Integirty REO Solutions and working for myself. It never tried to convince me otherwise. It never told me I was stupid. All it asked for was gas and regular maintenance.

Those stupid brick streets.


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