Would Jesus Do REO?

Jesus and REO don’t sound like two things that just naturally go together, right? In reality when you take into consideration how Jesus in His power is able to permeate all cultures and languages of the world in order to communicate, all experiences one might have had in order to relate, and all socioeconomic levels in order to bring equality, it’s not that hard to put Him with REO. He is able to permeate this realm as well.

Jesus is larger than religion, yet despite its faults and hindrances He is able to use it as a vehicle to speak to people. Jesus is also larger than business, yet despite its proneness to self-serving ideas He is able to use it also as a means of communicating the heart of God. This being understood, one still might ask whether Jesus would find a place in the REO industry. Through Jesus both religion and business become powerful, shaping tools to pierce the heart.

When you think about it, His father (Joseph) was a laborer, a carpenter. Loosely translated you might say he was in construction. Young boys who have worked closely with their fathers have always had a tendency to take on their father’s trade. In that sense, I don;t find it hard to imagine Jesus renovating a vacant, distressed asset to get it ready for the next family. My father was in construction, too. He was always part of the working class before he retired. I am not exaggerating when I say his love for hard work has developed the business owner that I am today. To think of Jesus as a laborer inspires me even more. Knowing that beneath the tough veneer, the rough hands given to using a hammer, the sweaty work clothes was the Savior of the world makes me want to work hard.

Shortly after I entered the industry (or ducked into it rather), I picked up a strong client and she told me with a stern expression that the REO industry was “dog-eat-dog”. Of course, I thought. Every industry is that way as it is filled with people. People in general operate in the realm of self-care. Taking care of themselves first and then if there is any will or resources left perhaps we look upon someone else with a need. In the two years I have been building integrity REO Solutions, I have seen her warning take shape. Contractors going behind your back to take a client away. Clients letting you go after a misunderstanding or just one mistake. The competitiveness of some turned to daggers sharpened and ready to use on me. This is a tough place for the weak-hearted to thrive.

Jesus was always hanging out around the synagogue and He was able to see this spirit played out in the religious arena. He had no tolerance for the “dog-eat-dog” way of life. His very life was a message about giving what you have away for the benefit of others. The fact that He would become human is a beautiful surprise. Why would someone so holy associate with sinners? Why take upon himself flesh and bone, and then submit himself to the sharks? The reason was He wanted to immerse himself in the very world he would be saving. He would see it, feel it, taste it in all its ugliness and then redeem it.

Would Jesus do REO? I think He would. He would embed himself in the industry and experience it in all its ugliness. Then, redeem it. I hope through my love for Him and my dedication to both know and exhibit Him more that this puts him in the REO industry. I think he lives through contractors securing and maintaining assets, bank representative buying back these assets, realtors and brokers selling these assets, and even the prospective buyer.

Jesus and REO are not mutually exclusive. Because He is God, REO can be His tool to redeem people. At the least, I can only imagine how Jesus would shape the industry if He were physically among us today and entered at any point (vendor, bank, sales, client). It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine if He is living in me.


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