Routine Work Orders.

I’m not about to share a novel idea, something most REO contractor firms don’t know about. So, I guess I’ll consider this a diary entry…

People talk about slow months and which months are the best out of the year for business. They tell you Winter is probably a time where you’ll be so thin on your workload that you might consider cutting staff and working part-time at Chick-fil-A. They will warn you to tighten your coverage areas during these months and park one of your company vehicles altogether.

These people don’t have any vision.

Literally, their field of vision is impaired. They keep doing business as usual with their usual clients and when the order queue starts to dry up they get skeered. And, they don’t see the simple solution for maintaining work year round.

Part of this is because the industry has made us a little greedy. We want the big stuff — 120 cubic yard trash outs. Full rehabs. Million dollar house evictions. These types of orders are nice, and they bring in big money, but in my experience they are not a regular paycheck. These things slow down at unexpected times. You may easily gun a $50 – 75K month in September and then in October you’re crying on the shower floor in the fetal position. No work.

If you are a runner (I am not), you know maintaining a steady, even pace is what helps you endure. The tortoise kicked tail because he didn’t rest. He didn’t stop for the ladies. He put his head down and kept running, slow as he was. Then, at the end the rabbit was like, “Oh man”. Most REO companies that talk about slow months are rabbits chasing carrots (total rehabs, large trash outs, $$$ evictions). And, in time, companies like Integrity REO Solutions will be winning the pace because we paced ourselves.

The way to even your pace is to load yourself down with routine work orders. So many that they are coming out of your pockets, spilling out of the basket you’re carrying, and you’re kicking in front of you down the road as you walk. Find a client that is swamped with routine grass cuts, routine maid services, routine pool services, etc. You get the idea. You need some balance. It’s nice to jump on the big stuff and kill it when it comes in, but you need small stuff too. Easy stuff. I call it popcorn work.

This is called PPO work. They don’t bring in big bucks when you handle them individually. And, to travel for one would be a waste of time. But when your cup is running over (that’s from the Bible, ya’ll), you can route them out, push them out, way out. And, when you get the check two weeks from now for completing 200 grass cuts or 100 maid order, etc., you’ll be liking what you see.

To be a great and lasting REO contractor firm, you have to let go of your pride. I have had contractors call me, as they were juggling work between me and some other clients, and complained about seeing their workload decrease with the other clients. Then, I asked if they could do some grass cuts for me. They thought about it and said they didn’t like that stuff. My philosophy: cutting grass and earning money is better than sitting on your fat butt playing a computer game and being bored.

Want to maintain work this Winter and see your pace even all year long? Find some clients who are all too happy to load you down with routine work orders. Then, learn to balance between that type of work and the big stuff. You will be a happy camper.


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