Prayer For the Evicted.

Lord, as an REO contractor, I profit from those who have been evicted. I don’t see or speak with most of them, so it’s easy to clean out their belongings, sanitize their prints away and paint over the lives they lived while in these houses.

A house becomes a part of us in time, and we feel safe there. It’s a place where we build a family. We have joys there, and sorrows. A home is a place where we can go to be comforted when the world seems to be against us. We care for it, we put our marks on it, and in turn it shelters us.

To be evicted must cause feelings of shame even when one tried to do their best to prevent it. Lord, I pray for the hearts of the evicted. Let them be comforted in their time of vulnerability. To be cast out of your shelter has to be a scary thing. Witness to their hearts, Lord. Speak peace to them. Strength. Grace. Though their hearts may be shaken with inner turmoil, remind them that you are in control. Help them to see beyond present circumstances to future victory through your help.

Be with those, Lord, who have found themselves in the process of foreclosure and want desperately to reverse it. Keep them from being overwhelmed by the thought of default. Provide resources for them to get back on track with their finances. Help them to search aggressively for these resources. Put me in their paths so that I can point them to the resources.

For those who seemingly don’t care, and might even walk away from a home, convict them. Speak to their consciences, to their minds, to their ears: Tell them to be responsible.

Lord, make me an instrument to the evicted. Help me to counsel when needed. To lift them up with encouraging words. To pray with them and offer words of strength and peace. Allow me to offer whatever resources I may have to witness the love of Christ to them.

Lord, if nothing else, help them to know that Jesus, the Son of God was virtually homeless. He admitted Himself that he had no place to lay His head. Let the Spirit of Christ speak to the evicted in their time of fear. Let their hearts burn with the knowledge that He knows them and knows what it is like to not have a home.

And Lord, when I am in these foreclosed homes, let the knowledge that a story was told there and cut short stay with me. Forgive me for judging. Forgive me for my callousness. Forgive me for letting money become more important than loving my neighbor as myself.


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