Covering an Entire State.

I have always enjoyed dabbling with nationwide REO work. The thought of putting our mark on a vacant asset in another state makes me warm. I enjoy the fact that some of my clients can trust me to manage this type of work for them.

But if you have served for any certain time on the contractor end, you know that most “nationwide” companies have dead zones in many if not all states.

I have been begged to drive awful distances to fill a gap my nationwide client was having no luck in filling. This came with an additional trip charge and a pretty please.

In my own experience, there are just those areas that make it hard for any company to honestly call themselves “nationwide” in the truest sense — in the Walmart sense of the word.

Much more challenging is the goal to be statewide.To build your company around a plan to cover your state.

Here in the state of Texas, one of the largest areas in the US, I find the border regions are the hardest to recruit. Because I showed initiative, I was asked to help in these areas. To find a good contractor was a treasure.

Now, rather than focusing on a national coverage plan, in a more mature place, I’m working on a plan to cover Texas. To be the premiere REO servicer for the Lone Star State.

One city at a time.

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