Glad You Fired Me.

I have always tried to be a nice guy and do what my boss told me to do. But this still doesn’t ensure that you will keep your job.

Try as you may to maximize your performance levels, exhibit strong leadership qualities, and get along with others. Reduce your life to little more than fulfilling your job role. Sacrifice your precious free time to help establish job security. Buy your boss cakes, game tickets, and gift cards.

None of these things will save your job when you simply don’t fit.

This lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way because I live to please. When my brother brought that F-grade home from school, my dad didn’t waste any time with him — physical violence commenced as the sound of belt hitting butt filled the air. When I brought home the F, I would get a “talking-to”. All my dad had to do was tell me how disappointed he was and magically he got the same results from me as the belt did with my brother. The same desire to perform in order not to disappoint has followed me my whole life.

And, hard as I have tried to please bosses, if I didn’t fit I got fired. For a while I took this personally. But, now I know that there is no right and wrong about it. Not fitting means not fitting. When you don’t fit, your heart isn’t in it. When you don’t fit, it doesn’t fulfill you. When you don’t fit, your most valiant efforts will not keep you employed.

I’ve learned this lesson afresh in the REO industry, too. In the spirit of getting business wherever I could get it, I would try anything to keep the work going strong. Kiss butt. Work hard. Sacrifice free time. Kill (not so much). The idea of getting more work from more clients just gave me that warm hug that told me everything would be ok.

Then, systematically, I kept getting fired by asset management companies who weren’t pleased with my performance. It sucked! SUCKED!!!

The thing that hit me soon after I got let go from these companies with 15 page work orders and super stringent guidelines and someone hired to look at photos and complain just so I wouldn’t get paid was that I was actually better off. Because, I didn’t fit. And, they didn’t fit me.

As an REO contractor, you’ll go through your time of pooling work wherever you an get it. But, my hope for you is that you will at some point settle and work with only those who fit you. They have to fit you relationally. Their standards should fit your standards. Their way of conducting business should fit with yours.

Sometimes getting fired is a good thing.


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