We Work Very Hard.

My father was in construction most of my childhood, and I was always fascinated by this type of work. He loved to be outside, with no one looking over his shoulder, using his hands to make something better. When I was working my way through college, I tried to place myself in office jobs because I felt that is where the decision-makers were — in offices.

I worked for a summer in construction with my three brothers in downtown New Orleans. It was the hardest I had ever worked and the dirtiest I had ever gotten. This was the only time that the four of us had done anything together like that, and I was too young to appreciate how special that was. Working hard together.

As hard as I tried to stay in an office capacity, here I am again, a contractor — like my dad. The older I get the more I understand his nature and the importance he has placed on raw work.

The nature of REO contractor work is very broad as it covers the small things such as changing locks after an eviction to large ticket items such as completing construction on distressed properties to cure code violations. This calls for collecting just the right contractors who have the skills, the intuition, and the motivation to work hard. We understand that it requires putting your head down and giving it all you have — sometimes very early in the day, sometimes very late in the day. Sometimes when everyone is asleep. Growth comes through getting dirty.

I’ve stated before that I intentionally keep contractors to a minimum rather than filling my basket so to speak. The contractors we do have are hard working men and women who dedicate themselves to building their companies and helping me build mine.

Still, I am concerned that, without realizing it, I will build a company through placing unrealistic expectations on my hard-working contractors. To know that the volume of work I have given a contractor has kept him away from his family an inordinate amount of time doesn’t sit well with me. To know that my contractor doesn’t worship on Sunday because she’s hovered over a computer sending results gets to me.

My personal strategy behind building Integrity REO Solutions was to create an opportunity for myself to spend more time with my growing children and my wife. Hokey as it may sound, I hated working through holidays at the office. I really disliked the uneasiness I felt just taking a lunch break. To refuse my contractors the opportunity to create this same type of company for themselves in my opinion is dishonest.

At the core, we are founded on bibilical principles where the family is at the core of everything one does. I pray that Integrity can be a company that follows that teaching.

Yes, we work very hard. There is little we will not do for one of our valued clients. We feel this focus has indeed set us apart in the local market and the national market. But, we cannot forget who we are working hard for — our cherished families.


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