I’ll Text You.

One thing I think is cool about being an intentionally small nationwide REO outsourcer is my ability to text my contractors when I need to get ahold of them quickly. You larger guys can’t do that (and you might not really care to). You have so many contractors to keep up with you don’t have the time or the inclination to.

“Why is this cool?” You ask as you wipe your laughing tears with crisp new bills. To you this might be counterproductive. Too personal. A poor way to communicate altogether (e.g. “snd wk ordr @ 8am or yer fired”). You would never dream of texting as a means of communicating with your contractors.

Ok, but I think just the opposite is true. Because I’ve built an REO company around a model where you choose a select few (1 or 2) in each area who can cover a wide range, I thankfully have less people to manage. These contractors don’t seem to mind either as they are getting a good deal of work rather than having to fight over it like seagulls. They also seem to like sending and receiving texts.

Texting my contractors a line is actually the most productive method for me since I am extremely mobile and do almost everything from my blessed iPhone. I don’t have time to pull over and whip out the laptop, or call because usually a call becomes longer than you wanted. A single line at a stoplight will give me all the info I need to feel warm and cuddly and communicate status to my client. Yes, if I had thousands of contractors like some of these nationwide beasts have, then that would be crazy. To be more streamlined as a nationwide provider, I am able to get status quicker. And that builds business. Clients notice when you’re mobile, lightning fast, and communicate well. Productive!

Too personal? If you ask me, that is the problem with all the bigger providers out there (you knuckleheads). Sounds great that you have thousands of contractors working like busy ants all over the country, but how well do you know them??? Do you know if they have your best interests at heart? Do you know their character? Again, you’re laughing thinking my Deepak Chopra approach is way too simplistic. But, truth is I am able to get to know all my contractors and know them well enough to trust them. I make it a point to know their character. Because, I’m going to build a company around their loyalty. So the personal aspect of texting is a good fit for me. It lets the contractor know he/she can trust me — someone they will likely never see. The fact that I know my contractors well enough to text them says I’m not a cold nameless voice on the other line who they can’t get to know. Being more personal has worked well for me in that people usually want to go above and beyond for someone who cares about them and takes care of them.

It’s not a poor way to communicate. If by “poor” you mean grammatically incorrect, then I’ll give you that. But I say it’s ingenius because I’ve actually seen it build my productivity. That’s the bottom line for me as an REO servicer. How quickly can I turn this around for my client? How quickly can I get back to them with information? How quickly can I reach my contractors? Texting has proven to be the best way so far. That is until Integrity REO Solutions surgically implants homing devices in our contractors, which I see as a viable option (j/k). It could happen.


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