REO As A Ministry.

This past month when I graduated from seminary with my Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, my family and many of my friends asked, “So what are you going to do now?”

It took us seven years to complete graduate studies after moving to the Dallas area. It was something I wanted to do since I was in junior high. I felt like I’d been moving in that direction most of my life. My original intention was to of course finish alot sooner. But, life unfolded a different story. We had three toddlers in two years and our pace slowed.

In the process, I fell into a job with a real estate company. They served as a project management agency for various types of field service tasks assigned by construction lending institutions. At the time it was only something to help pay the bills while I went to school. I was able through this job, however, to cultivate account management skills while coordinating some very interesting projects to cure code violations and such.

Then, when I was abruptly released from this job I started Integrity REO Solutions. I had never started anything organized like this before, so I wanted it to mean something and to do more than just make money. In short, I wanted to bring what was important to me spiritually into my professional life and make them one.

As I am learning the ropes in the REO industry, I talk to everyone I can to get more information. I hear lots of reasons for getting into it. Its a crucial market right now — the American foreclosure rate has created a necessary evil which is REO. It’s also a way to make decent money on a project by project basis. For me, I see REO as a ministry.

From offering a cash for keys agreement to a delinquent homeowner to performing a sales clean on the home after they have vacated, I see a wealth of ministry opportunities in the process of REO. What must not be forgotten is foreclosure leaves a person in a vulnerable state. True, many of these occurences come from irresponsibility on the borrower’s end as they willfully put themselves in a position of living above their means financially. But there are also cases of sickness, loss of employment, family issues that dictate the course of our lives. When these things hit, even the most responsible of borrowers feels the impact.

Regardless of the cause of foreclosure, the REO agent has an opportunity to make right a wrong. To strengthen something that has been made weak. In the approach to communicating with delinquent homeowners as well as managing vacant assets, the REO agent can be a minister.

I like to think of what we do as community improvement. I have seen how a vandalized vacant asset can affect a street. If ministry is anything it is an organism through which we make things better — lives better. If a street is safer because we have secured and maintained an asset, then we have ministered to the street.

I don’t know if this will be my mode of ministry forever. In fact, I kind of doubt that it will. But, in the meantime, I want to dedicate to God what we do and let Him manifest His way of making the world better through Integrity REO Solutions.


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