Posting a Review.

Advertising yourself is easier than ever with the insurgence of free or inexpensive web-based tools. The thousands of dollars you spent in the past seem even irresponsible and wasteful now. It is an exciting time to start a business in any industry as it is being made possible to anyone.

Building a website is a cinch. Increasing your SEO is a cinch. Filling 10 pages of Google…a cinch. Open a blog and, if you are half a writer and if you have something to contribute your business will grow. Join strategic social networking sites and soon you will boost your presence as a company with something to say.

But, even more important is obtaining good word of mouth and online reviews for your quality of service. As our current age speeds on in the name of technological discovery, it is essential that we not forget the honest review given by a satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

In a sense, all the time spent on creating a website with flash intro and all the money spent on advertising is for nothing if you cannot satisfy customers. Your poor quality of work will catch up with you eventually.

Understand, you cannot please everyone. I have courted new customers for a time who seemed to have someone hired for the purpose of finding mistakes in my work and deducting from the invoice accordingly. They were abrasive when spoken to. They offered few chances to build trust. They were also not worth keeping. We all come across these customers who just don’t match our personality-type. And, we may even get a negative review out of the situation. But, looking back, you could not think of something you had done wrong on your part as a businessperson. You provided the same high level of service you offered in the past to every other customer.

But, when it comes to something you have promised a client and you do not deliver, you open yourself to a negative review. Especially, if you were entrusted with a high-profile task. Just wait for it and it will come. A negative on-line review can kill. And, as I said, it’s easier than ever these days to put your name out there to the public – positively or negatively.

In all aspects of your business think abnout what sort of name you are making for yourself. These days, a company name is synonymous with the name of the founder. The world is getting more personal and less formal. We know Steve Jobs as well as we know Apple. Bill Gates as well as Microsoft. People will come to know you as well as the name of your company.

So what sort of name are you making? Are you ready to have your name posted by someone else to the public with a review attached? It’s only a matter of time. Make sure you are following through with your promised services.


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