On the Relief Side of Chaos.

I never considered starting a business until I learned for myself the state of the housing market in America. This June, for example, there were over 2 million foreclosures nationwide. I thought, “That equals almost the entire human population of Dallas, TX (where I currently hang my hat) at 2,412,827. Astounding!

Then, I started driving around my neighborhood at a 10-15 mile perimeter visiting at least 200 vacant homes a week to confirm vacancy. Realtor signs lined up on some streets like it was a newly built subdivision. Beautiful homes sat abandoned, with broken windows and overgrown lawns. Already vandalized and severely damaged due to lack of security or maintenance.

Chaos, right? Especially when you consider that the number of homes posted for sale has increased in Dallas by 50% in the past year. And we currently rank highest among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas and more than three and one-half times the national average.

While we could stay here and discuss the reasons for the chaos, I prefer to think of and be involved in creating solutions. Granted, I have not always been on this track. I didn’t come home from elementary school wanting to change the housing market. What kid thinks of that?

I did want to change things though. As far back as I can remember, I resonated with the superheroes I grew up with, who fought injustice and rescued things and turned things around. Throughout my life I wanted to be lots of things — a ninja, a photographer, a minister, a musician, a tennis star, a bodybuilder. And this was before I exited my teenage years. My ambitions have weaved themselves around different avenues and alleyways. But, I never stopped wanting to make a change.

Look for Chaos.

A rule of thumb for anyone starting a new venture is to look around and consider the chaos that may be taking place. On your street. In your neighborhood. In your city. Your state. The world. What on earth is going on out there?

Then, ask yourself, “Do I care if there is any relief?

We often say there is nothing new under the sun. But, in regards to chaos that just isn’t true. Chaos has a way of renewing itself on a daily basis. Katrina. The genocide in Somalia and Darfur. An earthquake in Haiti. Swine flu.

And, relief is always needed. The question is who will bring it. Will you?

Chaos and Need.

Chaos creates the greatest sense of need among the human population. The arrival of chaos brings confusion, fear, hopelessness, sickness, a sense of being lost, a tear in community. But the relief that pulls in after the chaos changes all of this.

Business in general runs along the stream of need. The most powerful businesses are the ones who have tapped in most powerfully to a sense of need. You can rest assured that a business built of chaos relief will always exist in conjuction with need.

While it is true that our passions change through the years, as we develop, it is important to adopt a passion for relief. If you live on the relief side of chaos, your life will follow a sense of mission. And, in terms of business, you will always be successful.

Chaos and the Measure of Success.

The entrepeneur by design wants to be successful. You want to break beyond anonymity in the marketplace and provide unparalleled service to a mass audience, while leaving a lasting impression on the world. All the toil that is involved, the dreaming, the care deserves success. When your venture is situated on the relief side of chaos, however, success takes on a much fuller meaning. The financial profit is rewarding, especially if it provdies you the means to give your family what they need. Or, if it gives you the freedom to focus all of your energies on your work at hand.

The success that comes with relief involves building an organism that can make a substantial change. In whatever industry you have chosen, you can develop a tool (your company) that answers the noise of chaos. If this is done well, funding will come, staff members will come, new ways to change things will come.

Why build a company of your own that doesn’t ignite a sense of purpose in you? It is the very reason why many of us have left our past careers and sought to drastically alter our tracks.

Being on the relief side of chaos will build not only a company for you, but all areas of your life will converge. You’ll be an entrepeneur on mission.


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